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Who started this thing and I have more questions!

A little about us and how it works- and some other FAQ below!

What is Landfall Freight?

Words and pictures together are a powerful way of communicating. Comics are able to transport readers to a completely different world or make our own world easier to understand. They can provide us with a connection, make us feel less alone, and inspire us to dream bigger and harder. They can change the way we see our world, and our place in it.

Because these stories can have such an impact, we want to make it easier for more girls and women to explore graphic novels and comics without feeling intimidated, unrepresented, or overwhelmed.  We think it should be a fun, welcoming, and inspiring experience!

We are two sisters who decided to make interesting comics more accessible and fun to explore. We pack each box on my kitchen table,  and we try to make sure that when you open your box, it feels like your best friend just sent you a care package.

We chose the name Landfall Freight because "landfall" means your first sighting of land after a journey by air or sea, which is kind of how we envision our boxes traveling to each of you!
It also happens to be the name of the home planet of a bad-ass and complicated female character in our very favourite comic, Saga, and we couldn't really resist paying homage to Alana, our green-haired, winged hero. We like that Landfall has two great meanings!

If you agree that girls and comics go together forever,
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Michelle & Tianna

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Q: Are these graphic novels and comics just for girls?

A: We don't believe that there is one type of story for boys and another for girls. We focus on bringing diverse female content to our subscribers because stories that feature women in many interesting roles can be a bit harder to find. Female readers also sometimes have a less than great experience at comic shops. We want to make sure women and girls who are interested in graphic novels and comics have a fun, welcoming, and inspiring experience.  We love stories featuring male characters, and comics created by male writers and artists too!  We encourage our readers to explore and enjoy all that the comics world has to offer. We just focus on bringing some cool female content to more women and girls in an accessible way that can build connections and community. And we're pretty proud of that!

Q: What comes in my box?

A: Each month we select a recently published graphic novel and we build a theme around that title. This selection may be hardcover, but many graphic novels are only published as a trade paperback so it just depends. You also get some artsy goodies that tie into the theme- in the past we've featured a sword-shaped tea infuser and custom tea blend, buttons and pins, a travel candle and custom patch, and a visual diary with an art pen and mini water-colour palette. Every month you also get a single-issue comic or  a zine or another graphic novel- it depends on what cool stuff we find and what new and interesting looking comics are released each month! Wait- we're not done- also included each month is a DIY bookplate/bookmark/artsy goody that we encourage you to complete and share on Instagram with us, and the world's best lollipop according to Tianna (I have to agree, it's pretty good but watch your dental-work)!

Q: What is your billing/shipping cycle?

A: You are billed for your first box when you sign up. We ship boxes around the 24th of each month (it varies as sometimes we are waiting for a really good comic to be released!), and you are billed for the next month of your subscription on the 1st day of the following month.

If you don't want the next month's box, you need to cancel before the first of the month!

Q: Do you take returns?

A: Unfortunately we aren't able to accept returns on subscription boxes. Our main graphic novel selection is always published within the last 60 days or so. Comics have generally come out within the last month. We also feature zines and small press and Indie comics and GNs; for these we relax those publication requirements so we can feature amazing stuff that is off the beaten path. If you happen to already have a copy of one of the selections, we suggest you generously gift a friend and make another comic lover!

Q: What age is Landfall Freight for?

A: Landfall Freight is appropriate for ages 16+ (think young adult on up to any woman of any age who is interested in comics). We often feature stories that don't contain anything unsuitable for a younger teen reader, but our main goal is to reach other young women and we also feature comics that tackle mature themes or include mature material. We don't include materials with excessive violence or explicit sexual scenes. We do include materials that may have swearing, sexually suggestive scenes, moderate violence and emotionally mature material (but we also feature silly, fun, unique, and just plain beautiful material).

If you are unsure, please e-mail us and we can let you know the recommended minimum age for a specific month's box. If you have a slightly younger reader that you want to gift a box to, we can probably give you an idea of a month where we are featuring a theme that happens to have more all-ages content in the selections.

* We hope to launch an additional box featuring exclusively all-ages material soon for  younger readers. We want all girls to get in on the fun!